WNY Tree Services’s values inform how we run our business, interact with our clients, and work together. These are the values that guide us.


We advocate for what’s best, not necessarily what’s best for us.


We encourage continuous inquiry, learning, and practice.


We embrace the realities of any situation to get things done.


We communicate openly with our clients and each other.


We flourish when we put our minds together.


We find inspiration in the people we work with and missions we support.

DEI Commitment

WNY Tree Services proactively works to build our knowledge of and competencies surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism. As we continuously learn and grow, we set explicit intentions and implement practices that apply these lenses to our work with clients and how we run our company. Our in-house equity committee meets biweekly to build our collective capacity and consciousness and leads projects that engage our whole team. We also partner with other consultants who help us infuse inclusion and equity more deeply into WNY Tree Services’s culture and practices.